Vapecircle - The Circle of Vaper

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We have been in the circle for not too long and as things stand this is going to be our first blog. On behalf of the vape circle, we would like to welcome every vaping member to this community where we can share things in common, which is obviously vaping at first place..Nah !! Unnecessarily, vaping has become an enormous factor and it's growth has seen lots of changes in the human factor where people have started giving up the cigarettes. People are still growing rapidly, as they want to give up smoking and change themselves into vapester, which I think it is a good point as they are heading towards the safer direction.
Vapecircle - The Circle of Vaper
We have been recently formed up as a group of friends. We enjoy vaping and it has been a pleasure to give up the cigarettes and now we even don’t look back. When we first started vaping, we used to discuss more about vaping than the other subject. We used to share the liquid with each other and discuss what the liquid is made up and used to review them. When we vaped for the first time, those days the liquids and vaping kits were not that much advanced as of now.
The kits were simply in the shape of a pencil and were known as a vape pens back then. It was the same for the liquid as the flavour from most of them were flavourless and we hardly knew of nicotine strength on them. It might be 5 to 6 years now we started vaping and during those days the liquids were pretty much expensive to buy with just the 10ml small bottle costing us £5. I have even spent £28 for just the 100ml of short-fill and coming to think of it now, the time has really changed within this industry.
Since we have vaped for a long time, we are understanding the factor of vaping of how it runs and as well we know what the VG/PG and nicotine's are. We are getting the chance to play around with the better devices and better liquids compared to those vape pens back in the days. Even so, everyday is a learning curve and it is a subject that will keep on getting bigger even though we think it's simple. With that sort of stuff, we have decided to run our own online vaping shop and we would like other vaping member to be in our circle and others can join later in the day. We can have a good chat along the peace environment we can talk more about vaping.
With this short notice, I will wrap up my few lines right here and would continue to look forward what would be the way for us in the vaping side of the days. Adios.

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