Vapecircle - The Beginning of the Vape Circle

Posted by Ram Limbu on

Welcome To Our First Blog.
On behalf of the vape circle, we would like to welcome every vaping member to this community where we can share things in common, which is obviously vaping..Nah !! 
The vaping population is growing rapidly, as people give up smoking and change themselves into vapers, which is great because they are heading in the right direction for their overall health.
Vapecircle was recently formed by a group of friends. We all enjoy vaping and have all quit cigarettes and we haven't looked back. When we first started vaping it's all we would talk about. We used to share liquids with each other and discuss what the liquid is made of used to give them a review.
When we vaped for the first time, the liquids and vaping kits were not that advanced compared to now.The kits were the shape of a pencil and were known as a vape pens. It was the same for the liquid, as most of them were flavourless and we rarely knew what the nicotine strength of the liquid were.
Its now been 5 to 6 years since we started vaping and back then the liquids were very expensive to buy, with a 10ml small bottle costing us £5. I have even spent £28 for a 100ml short-fill. Come to think of it, times have really changed within this industry.
Since we have vaped for a long time, we are understand what it means to have a good vaping experience. For example understanding the how the vape devices work as well as good VG/PG and nicotine ratios.
We are getting the chance to play around with more advanced devices and better liquids compared to the early days of vaping. Though, everyday is a learning curve and devices become more advanced, we can expect the subject of vaping to continue to grow.
With all our experience and knowledge, we wanted to share this with the world and therefore created our own online vaping shop that is full of knowledge and products.
We hope that more vaping members will join us in our Vapecircle family. We look forward to chatting with all our new members and create a peaceful environment where we can talk more about vaping.
We look forward to serving you with all your vaping needs. Adios.

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