How to Sub-Ohm & Blow Massive Vape Clouds

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We are seeing a major shift in the vaping style of people nowadays, where the demand for intense flavour and bigger clouds is going higher. A unique style of vaping known as Sub-ohm vaping is required to get the above two features.

Before going to the actual definition of sub-ohm vaping, it is essential to note that this vaping style dominated the market until 2016 before MTL vaping took over. Even so, sub-ohm vaping is still a favourite for many as the whole experience it gives is simply mind-blowing.

In this blog, we would learn about cloud-chasing as this term is quite popular in the vaping fraternity. Cloud chasing is seen as a sport, where vapers get together and enjoy producing the biggest possible cloud of vapour.

Some cloud chasers compete professionally in contests that are mainly called cloud competition. Here, the vapers challenge one another to exhale the largest and the most exciting vapours. We can clearly see here that cloud chasing is very much related to sub-ohm vaping. So, let us go a little deeper and understand them both.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping basically refers to vaping with an electronic cigarette that has a coil resistance below 1 ohm. What does this mean for a regular e-cigarette user? One must know that most vapers use coils having a resistance in the range of 1.5 ohms to 3 ohms which facilitates a steady mode of heating.

In the case of sub-ohm devices, there is a reduced resistance. This reduced resistance makes the atomizer heat up faster, vaporize more liquid, create a more robust flavour, and generate enormous clouds.

Advantages of Sub-Ohm Vaping

It is essential to see what all are the advantages of Sub-ohm before using it. It turns out there are a lot of benefits associated with this style of vaping apart from generating big clouds. Let us see that one by one,

# Strong Flavour

The rate of vaporization of e-liquids by the sub-ohm coils is considerably higher than other coils. So, your taste buds get hit with loads of flavour with each puff.

# Warmer Vape

More the heat, the warmer the vape will be. Also, the vaping mods are designed in such fashion that it never burns your lips while using it.

# More Airflow

The huge airflow is necessary for cooling down the higher heat produced from the coils. Moreover, this adds to the style of vaping.

# Big Clouds

Sub-ohm vaping mods have bigger wick and coil which means more power is utilized to spread heat over a large surface area. It heats the e-liquid to a higher temperature that helps in creating those massive clouds. 

What is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing is essentially the activity of blowing large clouds using an e-cigarette. Vapers who cloud chase use e-liquid having a higher proportion of vegetable glycerin as this base allows the release of large clouds. The fad of cloud chasing has become more popular today due to the wide availability of sub-ohm tanks in the market.

However, one should also be aware of those safety parameters that are crucial for a safe and enjoyable vaping experience. All cloud chasers should have a good understanding of ohm’s law before using it. Cloud chasing can be a highly fun activity only if it is done correctly and carefully.

About Best Cloud Chasing Vapes

Best vape
If you are new to cloud chasing, nothing can be better and safe to you than a sub-ohm vape pen. Beginners will find this device exceedingly easy to use as it only comes with a tank and a battery, both as a unit. One does not need much knowledge to understand its working. 

For intermediate to advanced users, the best combo for clouds is a high wattage box joined with a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer.

Today, there are rebuildable tanks available, which are geared for sub-ohm vaping, and also sub-ohm tanks that any novice can use. A lot of these modern tanks feature multiple mesh coils having high wattage, which is favourable for producing rich and dense clouds. 

How to Get Bigger Vape Clouds

There exist some techniques which are helpful in generating massive clouds of vapour from your e-cigarette. Below is a list of those wonderful methods that pumps the creation of massive vapours:

# Use the Right Batteries

Batteries like Samsung 30Q 18650 with high amp ratings, particularly suited for high wattages are ideal for creating those big vapours.

# Set the Airflow All Open

Most of the sub-ohm devices come with an adjustable airflow open. If you can keep the airflow fully open, you will see that you are getting massive clouds from your atomizer.

# Use Max VG Vape Juice

Although PG and VG both make great vapours, the higher content of VG in your juice facilitates the production of bigger clouds.

# Use a Mod Having Power Above 40 Watts

Frankly speaking, sub-ohming really needs a lot of power. In all chances, you won’t use it at all, but it is good to have that additional 10-15 watts.

# Use Coils Rated Below 0.5 Ohms

As mentioned above, using low-resistance coils below 0.5 ohms can handle more wattage and create bigger clouds.

Coil Building Tips for Massive Vape Clouds

Coil building is an integral part of vaping. It turns out there exist some general rules while building a coil for getting those enormous clouds.

Keep in mind that these small changes go a long way in making your vaping experience fantastic too. Following are those techniques:

# Maximize Coil Surface Area

The more the coil is making contact with the wick, the more vapour is created. It means when it comes to bigger clouds, coils having a bigger surface area dominates over the ones with a smaller surface area.

Note that large inner diameters and complex coils made from multiple wire strands shall indeed make a huge difference.

# Use Two Coils Instead of One

In reality, there are so many ways to build a coil. Yet, the most common build that is favourable for producing bigger clouds seems to be of the dual coil.

This is because dual coils allow you to reduce the overall resistance significantly. The whole aim of a cloud chaser should be to create a resistance below 1 ohm, and using dual coils helps you to attain it faster.

# Position Your Coil at the Centre

For achieving optimal performance in terms of wicking and airflow, it is suggested to keep your coils central, just in front of the positive post. This also ensures that there is an even amount of wick on each side of the coil.

# Take Good Care of Your Coils

Chasing clouds is indeed an entertaining activity, but it also comes with a lot of duties. Proper maintenance of your coil is absolutely essential if you are interested in cloud chasing, as they can develop wear and tear after prolonged use.

When not in use, clean the residue from the coil and also change the wicks regularly (whenever you change flavour) to keep the big clouds coming.

Competitive Vaping

Competitive vaping is a sport that is associated with cloud chasing, where the participants use their e-cigarettes to create large clouds of vapour. As the vaping world

is today more DIY centred, e-cigarettes are a lot more than just an alternative to smoking.

Vaping cloud competitions are held all over the world for cash prizes and other endorsement deals. Professional vapers who compete, also launch different campaigns to spread awareness of safe vaping. Social media sites like Facebook and Youtube have played a key role in promoting this trend of competitive vaping.

Final Say

Cloud-chasing is an art when compared with the normal sub-ohm vaping. This trick is only for those who know their stuff while using the vaping devices and want to take the experience to a whole new level. Extreme sports always have risk around it, and it is no different when it comes to cloud-chasing. If you stay within the rules while vaping, you can be assured of having a fantastic experience while being in the safety domain.

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