Your Christmas Vaping Gift Guide For 2020

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Believe it or not, vapers are the easiest people to Christmas shop for. No matter what you get them, as long as it’s related to the vape world – they’ll be a happy vaper!

That leaves you open to a large selection of products with a great price ranges. And considering that vapes are still a relatively new concept, it can be hard to tell your mouthpieces from your oven capacities.

So, if you’re getting a little bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. I’m here to save Christmas with my “must-have” 2020 vape guide!

Take a look below for some tried and tested vapes and vape accessories that have been leading the market throughout 2020.

Gift one of these to your beloved vaper, and you might just see them crack a smile or two before running away to puff some festive clouds.

Under  £10

Suorin Drop Pod System kit

Price: £6.00 (snap it up while it’s still 79% off!)

This is for the “not sure yet” vaper that wants to discover in style. There’s no commitment considering the price, and those fumbling fingers of an untrained vaper don’t matter. So, why not buy the Suorin Drop Pod System? It’s perfect for experimenting and learning while packing a powerful punch, according to reviews. Moreover, its ability to produce dense and tasty vape clouds should be enough to have them hooked!

Vaporesso Osmall

Price: £9.89

This is the best pocket-sized vape pen that money can buy. Did I mention that every vaper could do with more vape pens? They’re great for a few quick puffs on the go when you don’t want to bring your main vape. Better yet, the Vaporesso Osmall could be considered a somewhat eco-friendly vape pen. Instead of the usual factory-filled and sealed pods that most cartridge-based vape pens use, this tree-hugging vape requires refillable magnetic 2ml cartridges. And do you know what that means? Savings, both for vapers pocket and the environment

So, why not pick up this powerful and high-quality vapour producing vape pen as a guilt-free Christmas gift that will certainly be used.

Under £20

Nitecore New i2

Price: £17.95

If you are a committed vaper your will need to buy more chargers. Since vaping is often an “on-the-go” activity, especially with the rise of portable vapes, vapers tend to carry chargers around a lot.

These chargers also have a habit of slipping out of pockets, being left behind, or just breaking. So, why not get your vaper the gift of a charger? Nitecore New i2 is a good bed for reliability, power, and portability while not breaking the bank. The New i2 is full of neat features such as 100% acceleration speed, ACD technology, expended compatibility, IMR battery restoration, and automatic current protection, which will all make sense to your vaping connoisseur. What you need to know is that it’s good and well worth gifting!

Coil Master Kbag

Price: £12.99

As we’ve established, losing essential vape tidbits is easy. So easy, in fact, that it’s a joke in the vaping community that any added removable feature is pointless – they won’t know where it is in a week!!

Worse yet, carrying around tanks (leaks) and batteries (plain dangerous) is a headache. That’s why you should buy the vaper in your life the Coil Master Kbag where they can keep most of their vape components stored away nicely and free from harm or rolling under the couch. Also, it looks sleek and modern, meaning that it’ll slip away undetected in and bag.

Smok Novo 2 Pod Kit

Price: £16.99

This is a vape that has topped many “best vapes of 2020” lists. It just has it all. And everything it has is tucked away nicely within a neat, compact, and stylish body. In fact, the vape is designed ergonomically, which makes for less slips and more puffs. Compatible with almost all e-liquids, the Smok Novo 2 can be used by virtually any vaper. And they are guaranteed to provide even heating, fast charge, and dual airflow, which allows for bigger, fresher, tastier clouds than ever before. 

Under £40-£70

SnowWolf Mini 100W TC Starter Kit

Price: £34.99-£70.00

Hitting the scene as a stylish novelty, it was only a short matter of time before this vape’s real ability comes to light. In truth, it is a though someone took everything that vapers love about vaping and packed it into one vape. Of course, they stuck a wolf head on for good measure and flair. I can guarantee that if your vaper friend doesn’t have this yet, they will want it. And if you’re looking to win their undying love, now’s your chance.

With its high quality, reliable Zinc Alloy Construction paired with a Wattage Output Range of 10-100W, this vape goes hard. With its temperature control adjustments, you’ll never feel the heat. With its ease of use and three power functions, the SnowWolf Mini is perfect and simple to use anywhere.

The price variation is due to this vape set often being sold at a discounted price, especially coming into the festive season. It is the perfect Christmas present, after all!

Under £100

 Kandypens Special K

 Price: £99.99

We’re pushing the boat out on price now but come on, they’re worth it. Plus, they’ll be signing your tidings all year round if you gift them a Kandypens Special K. These elegant vape pens are the talk of the town. They’re popular, cool, and believe it or not – handmade. Not to be underestimated due to their small size, they’re also powerful, creating thick, next-to-none vape clouds. They’ve also just got that attractive Vogue feel and appearance, one that everyone’s after. And that’s exactly why they’re often sold out! So, you better chase this baby quick if you want to slip it into your loved ones stocking this year.

So, take your pick and spread some vaping festive cheer this year. And if all else fails, why not be the first person in history to gift a vape hamper? You could even compile a few products listed above into one gift and really blow your friend away!

If you’d like to shop for anything related to the vaping (and at great value!) why not take a look at VapeCircle where you’ll find all your vaping gifts within minutes!

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