Xtar MC4S Charger

Xtar MC4S Charger

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Nitecore New i2 IntelliCharger

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E-liquid Flavour

E-liquid (or e-juice) contains the blend of nicotine, flavourings, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). When an e-liquid is heated, actual vapour is produced in your e-cigarette.

Flavours in e-liquid are one of the ingredients in a vape juice that are added to satisfy the taste buds by reducing harshness, bitterness, and acidity. Currently, there are many flavours available in the market. 

At Vapecircle, our e-liquid range includes everything from dessert to tobacco and from fruit to other unique and exotic flavours. We have vape flavours that are perfect for every situation - dessert flavours for after a meal, methanol blends for freshness throughout the day, and many more.

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Best Vape Flavours UK

Dessert Flavours: 

Dessert flavour is the most popular vape flavour due to its rich delicious taste. Exclusive varieties of dessert flavours from vanilla to other bakery fusions are widely available. Grab top brands of dessert flavours like Greedy Bear, Just Jam, Leprechaun, and many more from Vapecircle at an affordable rate. 

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Fruit flavours are well-liked and will please your fruit cravings. It will entertain your taste buds with fruity deliciousness and drive you crazy. Choose fruit flavours from high-quality brands like Zeus, Leprechaun, Ruthless, and many more. 

Tobacco Flavours: 

Tobacco flavours have their unique potential to combine with any other vape flavours. They suit to former smokers switching to vape and those who don’t want to get rid of nicotine completely. Find enormous flavours of tobacco from the world’s top-selling brands like Ruthless, Baccy Roots, Red tobacco, etc. at our store.

Explore Vapecircle to get the latest and most popular vape flavour of varying taste, and price range. We are confident that our selection fits all levels of vapers no matter their budget, with cost-effective options.

If you’re seeking to experience a smooth throat hit to add your choice of flavour, we also offer a wide range of salt nicotine e-liquid to choose from. 

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