Mystery Box

Who wouldn’t love to receive a mystery box? Mystery boxes are enjoyable ways to give as a gift to yourself or other vapers. There couldn’t be more perfect gifts related to vaping in the market than these.

Do you want to try a new e-liquid flavour or just want a little present for yourself but are still unsure which one to get? Our e-liquid mystery box is here to offer you the best experience.

We are offering special mystery boxes for e-liquid lovers out there. With every delivery, you could get a fun surprise. These are specially created to give you a delightful experience without feeling the pressure of making a choice.

Mystery box 1000ml Vapecircle

1000ml E-liquid MYSTERY BOX + Nic Shots

Regular price £42.99
Mystery box 250ml Vapecircle

250ml E-liquid MYSTERY BOX + Nic Shots

Regular price £18.99
Mystery box 500ml Vapecircle

500ml E-liquid MYSTERY BOX + Nic Shots

Regular price £26.99

What do our mystery boxes contain?

Our mystery boxes are filled with delightful e-liquids and Nicotine salts based on your taste and likes.

We have specially designed three surprising mystery boxes for you:

     1000ml E-liquid Mystery Box + Nic Shots

     250ml E-liquid Mystery Box + Nic Shots

     500ml E-liquid Mystery Box + Nic Shots

One mystery box includes a free 18mg of Nic shot per 50ml and e-liquids with unique flavours, including dessert, fruity, candy, etc.

You will surely get great value for your money with our mystery box deals. It can be a perfect gift for every vape lover out there. Forget the pressure of picking the ideal present and get a surprise instead. Buying such a gift is a great way to receive some of the hottest deals of e-liquid available in the market.

Being one of the leading Vape Shop UK, we are always concerned about your wants. We try to make the most out of our fantastic mystery boxes. We carefully create every box so you can buy our mystery boxes with confidence. 

To order this item, simply choose your preferred box and confirm your order. Vape mystery box UK is worth trying if you are a fan of exploring different flavours ranging from fruits, desserts and candy flavours.

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1.  What is a vape mystery box?

A vape mystery box is a surprise box created by vape stores that contains surprise items offered in a specific theme or brand. The boxes are especially created to bring you joy without the pressure of choosing or picking the right item.

2. What is in a vape mystery box?

A vape mystery box UK contains several vape items. Each box holds various e-liquids or vape devices from top brands, depending on your taste and likes. 

3. Where can I buy the best e-liquid mystery box in the UK?

You can buy a mystery box from trusted and leading vape stores. You can rely on Vapecircle to buy e-liquid online from the best vape mystery box available in the UK. They are fun to purchase and open because our mystery box contains 250-1000 ml of e-liquid with free Nicotine salt that every vaper would love.