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What is nic salt?

Nic salt (or nicotine salt) is a form of nicotine naturally formed and found in tobacco leaves. It doesn’t only contain nicotine but also other organic compounds found in leaves of tobacco. Nic salt based vaping has become a new vaping craze. Nic salts are highly popular in the world of vaping especially among those vapers who seek a smooth vaping experience with nicotine consumption.

How is nic salt juice different from typical e-liquid?

Typical e-liquid that contains nicotine contains it in a distilled form and doesn’t provide the same nicotine hit as nicotine salt.
For distilled form of nicotine to get absorbed into the bloodstream, users have to vape at high temperature and the level of absorption is still not same as nic salt. Nicotine salt based vaping suits for those who are interested in better nicotine comsumption.

Nic salts contain benzoic acid which is responsible to provide you smoother throat hit than e-liquid with freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts are considered to be more effective way to deliver nicotine to body than those e-liquids with nicotine. Because of the addition of benzoic acid in nic salts, nicotine is much more readily available to body. You can find a wide range of top nic salts as well as e-liquids at Vapecircle.

Why choose nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt suits to those who want a better nicotine hit with vaping to satisfy the cravings. Also, they can be used by those who can’t vape regularly and want the longer-lasting nicotine impact whenever they vape. Those heavy smokers who smoke over 1 cigarette packet per day and looking to replace the habit of smoking can begin with nicotine salt based vaping.

Nic salts not just contain nicotine as a main component but they also offers smooth vaping experience to users with flavours like standard e-juice. However, you should not vape nic salts like standard e-juice because of higher nicotine content in nic salts. Compared to conventional e-liquids, nicotine salts are more chemically stable. Nic salts can be stored for long without their quality being faded.

Using nic salts is easy and hassle-free. You can also buy convenient cartridges and there is no need for you to refill e-juices and no chance of making a mess. You can easily carry them in your pocket. Also, if you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention by making huge clouds, you can go with nic salt based vaping. Nic salt based vaping can be a great alternative to smoking. Cigarette smokers can choose this type of vaping to take the first step towards quitting smoking.

Right type of devices for vaping nic salts

Compared to the traditional e-juices, nic salts contain much higher concentration of nicotine. So, if a high wattage sub ohm device or box mod is used for vaping nic salts, the vaping experience will be harsh and unpleasant.

Nic salts are intended to be vaped from low wattage devices like pod systems. Pod systems are small and compact devices designed to deliver low amount of vapour as required in nicotine salt based vaping for a substantial nicotine hit.

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