Nicotine Shot

If you are looking for a quality Nicotine shot at the best price, then you are in the right place right. At Vapecircle, we have a collection of e-liquid Nicotine shot in PG, VG, or a wide range of PG/VG mix ratios. Browse through our categories of Nicotine shots UK and see what fits your needs.

Nicotine Shots by Nic Nic 10ml

Nicotine Shots by Nic Nic 10ml

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Pure Nic Flavourless Nicotine Shot 10ml

Pure Nic Flavourless Nicotine Shot 10ml

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Nicotine Shots by Nic Nic Flavourless 10ml

Nicotine Shots by Nic Nic Flavourless 10ml

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What are Nicotine Shots?

Nicotine Shot is a 10 ml bottle of pure and unflavoured Nicotine. Nicotine shots can be added to any Nicotine-free e-liquid. With a Nicotine shot, you can create a blend containing Nicotine of your desired strength. It is a perfect solution to upgrade your e-juice with Nicotine salt UK.

If you wonder why Nicotine shots are found in 10 ml bottles, selling them in bottles larger than 10ml is illegal in the UK and other countries. If you find any e-liquid bottle larger than this size, you can know that the e-liquid is 100% free of Nicotine.

How to add Nicotine shots to your e-liquid?

 If you grab a 50/50 e-liquid, make sure you buy a Nicotine shot with a 50/50 mix. All you need to do is simply add the Nicotine shots to your e-liquid. Shake it, and then you have a ready-to-vape e-liquid.

Types of Nicotine Shots

There are two kinds of Nicotine shots. Nicotine salt Nicotine shots are preferred mainly by those who want higher doses of Nicotine as they give a soft and smoother throat hit. Meanwhile, Freebase Nicotine shots are more suitable for those who prefer lower Nicotine doses.

Nicotine shot strength

Nicotine shots are available in different strengths. Using them with the best rebuildable tank gives you various options to experiment with.

The most common Nicotine shot preferred by all sorts of vapers is 18 mg. This is because an 18 mg Nicotine shot is the easiest option for creating vaper's most common choice of e-liquid strength of 3mg or 6mg. For example, to create 3 mg Nicotine shots, just pair 18 mg shot to a 50ml short fill and mix thoroughly.

PG/VG ratio

Nicotine shots can have varying PG/VG ratios. For a perfect shot, you need to have both ideal Nicotine strength and the PG/VG concentration of your shortfill.

Higher concentrations of PG in an e-liquid are more suitable for high-powered devices. For less powerful and smaller devices, an equal amount of PG and VG suits better. The majority of Nicotine shots are available at 70% VG to suit the maximum of shortfill. Some Nicotine salts even contain 100% PG, and they are the best for powerful devices.

Browse Vapecircle for the full range of the latest and cheap Nicotine shots. You can choose from the classic brands, including Naked 100, Bantam, Pure Nic, SOLACE, Nic Nic, and many more. We offer free shipping on qualifying orders. We ship all across the UK and worldwide.

Nicotine Shot FAQ's

1. How do Nicotine shots work?

Nicotine Shot is a pure 10 ml bottle of unflavoured Nicotine, which is designed to be added to any Nicotine-free e-liquid. All you need to do is simply pour it into the Nicotine-free e-liquid to create a blend of e-liquid with your desired strength of Nicotine.

2. Can you vape pure Nicotine shots?

No, don’t try it. Pure Nicotine shots ingestion can even result in death. However, diluted Nicotine products are safer in comparison with undiluted ones.

3. How many Nicotine shots do I need to add to my e-liquid?

Firstly, you must know how strong you want your e-liquid before adding Nicotine shots. If you just started to quit smoking and switched to vaping, you might want to increase the Nicotine (9mg or 12mg). Others may require less Nicotine strength (3mg or 6mg).

To get started, you can vape with a 3mg e-liquid for a week and then you can gradually increase your strength weekly if you are not satisfied. You can also make use of a Nicotine shot calculator available online. Buy the best Nicotine shots available at Vape Shop Online UK today.