Vape Sub-ohm Tank UK

At Vapecircle, we have the latest sub-ohm tanks for you at pocket-friendly rates. It doesn't matter how you prefer to vape; we have something for you. Our collection entails the best sub-ohm tanks in the UK from top brands such as OFRF NexMeshGeekVape, and Smok. Do you prefer stylish designs to reliable vape tanks? Or do you like both? Either way, browse through our categories and see what fits your needs.   

What is a Sub Ohm Tank?

Sub ohm tanks, like the name, let you go up the sky in your vaping - the sub-ohm vaping level. At that level, you move beyond the conventional mouth to lung method. Instead, you get direct to lung vaping experience. That is sub-ohm vaping. And what helps you reach such euphoria is a sub ohm tank.

Unlike conventional vape tanks, sub ohms' have vape coil wire with less than 1Ohm. Also, they have adjustable airflows. Thanks to those two features, sub ohm tanks offer better and quick vapour production.

What are the Benefits of the Sub-ohm Tank?

More Vapour And Sweeter Flavour - Sub ohm tanks help you vape thicker and larger vapours. Because the clouds come in large quantities, you also get to enjoy intense flavour like never before. 

Satisfying Lung Hit - Sub-ohm tanks have wide airflows that help you deliver your e-juice directly to your lungs. That way, you get deep and quick hits without the usual stop at the mouth. 

Convenience - Sub ohm tanks help you enjoy the next level of vaping without a need to master science laws. You no longer have to manoeuvre the coils. The tank already has the setup for you. 

What is the Best Sub-ohm Tank?

A sub-ohm tank works with coil heads. These aids are "replaceables" that you attach to the base of the container. So when you try vaping the e-juice, it comes in contact with the hot coil. Then, it produces massive vapour. Because the coils tend to overheat, most sub ohm tanks have wide airflow. Thanks to that feature, you get a less heated setup. More importantly, such a feature helps you get the best results from your direct to lung vaping.

There is no one-fit-all sub ohm tank. In other words, "best" is somewhat relative. It depends on what you want and your budget. That said, here are a few factors to consider:

  1. What capacity of e-juice would you love the tank to contain?
  2. Do you prefer a tank with an easy filling method?
  3. Do you prefer flavour over vapour?
  4. Are you looking for a cheap sub ohm tank?

For larger capacity sub-ohm vape tanks, know that they are quite hectic to fill. If you don't mind refilling the tank regularly, then choose the small size. Those are convenient to fill with e-juice. Furthermore, if you favour flavour over vapour, get tanks that use mesh.


Nevertheless, the latest sub ohm tanks can give both offerings without sacrificing any in the process. In all, there's always a pick for you. You can have your best sub ohm vaping experience. And we at Vape Shop UK have the tanks to bring you to the next level.

With us, you can get sub ohm tanks of varying style, capacity, and price. Also, we have the latest products too. Our sub ohm tanks are well price structured and we also offer the fast delivery service throughout the UK and worldwide.