Vape Batteries UK

If you are in search of high-power, long-running vape batteries, then look no further. We have brought some of the best lithium batteries from top brands.

Our store offers the best vape battery in UK that is compatible with almost every vape device out there. We have stocked batteries from top brands like Molicel, Efest, Golisi, Samsung and Aspire vape battery. Explore Online Vape Shop UK to buy a wide range of vaping products from genuine and top brands. We offer fast delivery services and our delivery service is free for any orders over £45.


Safest Battery for Vaping

The devices with built-in batteries are generally charged by a USP port, whereas, the replaceable batteries need to be replaced every once in a while.

The replaceable vape batteries need to be handled more carefully as they contain some chemical that holds the potential risk of exploding. Especially, the new vapers are advised to learn about handling a battery and go for the safest batteries for vaping. We have a range of the safest vape batteries that might suit your device and vaping needs. For more safety tips related to batteries, you could look online.

Digital Vape Battery & Their Sizes

The most noticeable feature of a vape battery is its size. There are many sizes available for a vape battery among which the 18650, 20700, 21700 and 26650 are the most common. They are readily available and are compatible with most vape devices out there.

There are also a lot of small micro vape batteries available that are compatible with most micro-style vaporizer brands. Our store offers both manual and digital vape battery that is suitable with all kinds of devices. For the vapers who prefer more power and energy in their vape device, a 4200mAh vape battery can be the perfect option. These batteries are great for offering more power and have a longer shelf life.

Vape Batteries FAQ's

1. How long does a vape battery last?

Depending upon your battery sizes, you can expect your batteries to last for 30 minutes to 4 hours. Any battery with 1300mAh or lower can hold up to 30 minutes whereas 2000-3000mAh batteries can last up to 3-4 hours. We recommend replacing the batteries every year for the optimum flavour and experience.

2. How long does a vape battery take to charge?

It generally takes about two to four hours to fully charge a vape battery. Once completely charged, LED lights on the vape device will blink green.

3. Can vape batteries explode?

Although rare, an explosion can occur if the device is not handled properly. The e-liquid in a vape is highly flammable. When the battery becomes too hot, it can lead to an explosion. A lot of vape devices come with safety features like fire button locks and vent holes. So, do not remove or disable them.

Never use different brands of batteries with different chargers. Also, do not overcharge your vape device by leaving it being charged overnight. You can also opt for the safest battery for vaping for optimum safety.