Best Pod Mod Vapes

Are you looking for the best vape pod for you in the UK? Vapecircle offers a variety of cost-effective vape pods that you can choose from. We offer a huge range of genuine vape pod kits and other vaping products from top vape brands.

Pod Mod Vapes

Are you looking for the best vape pod kits for you in the UK? Vapecircle offers a variety of cost-effective vape pods that you can choose from. We offer a huge range of genuine and quality vape pod kits from leading brands such as Voopoo, SMOK, Vaporesso, Uwell and many others.

Vape pod kit, also called pod mod can be an excellent choice for those who want to switch to vaping from smoking as it delivers a cigarette-like experience, replicating the convenience and impact that smokers crave. Pod kits are also ideal for those vapers who are looking for a slim and convenient device for vaping.

Pod mods come in a sleek and stylish design. They are less costly, simpler to use and more convenient to carry than box mods. If you are looking for a vape kit that suits an on-the-go lifestyle, then a pod kit would be a great choice.

Vape pod kits are available in different shapes and sizes. If you are a beginner in vaping and unsure what type of vape pod to buy, we will walk you to make your decision. Know, why you should choose to purchase a vape pod if you are interested in buying a vape device.


Vape Pod Kits Types | Open and Closed Pod Kits

Vape pod kits can be open or closed type. Their names give a clue of their difference. Open and closed pod kits both come with a pre-filled pod that is to be clicked into place. However, you can refill the pod with your chosen e-liquid with an open pod which is not possible with closed ones.

If you are a heavier smoker and want more nicotine, you can choose closed pod kits as they have pods pre-filled with e-liquid containing a high dose of nicotine shot e-liquid. After you are done with the closed pod, you have to remove the empty pod and replace it with a fresh one to vape.

If you want to put whatever e-liquid you prefer in a pod, go for open pod mod vape. With them, you can also vary the nicotine strength. Unlike closed pod systems, where the choices for nicotine strengths are limited, you can gradually decrease your nicotine intake over time with open pods. Open pod systems even suit those who want high nicotine strength to fill the pods with a nic-salt e-juice. Open or closed pod kits? The choice is yours.


Why to Buy Vape Pod?

If you are interested to buy a vape, you should consider the best pod mods vape because of the following benefits:

Suits to stealth vaping

If you prefer stealth vaping and don’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself with huge vapor clouds when you vape, then pod mod vape works best.

Since the PG level in pod mods is higher, pod mods create less vapour. Also, they are subtle to use and ideal for stealth vaping.

Ideal for beginners

Most beginners prefer a low-cost and simple vape kit that requires less maintenance. So, pod mods are ideal for such beginners.

Also, they are good choices for those who want to quit smoking as their design makes users feel like they are holding a cigarette.


Vape pod kits contain no tank, and it is simple to refill them. Also, they are more resistant to leaks than box mods or pen vapes. So, you can safely put a vape pod kit in your pocket and don’t have to worry about the liquid spilling.

In the case of a closed pod kit, you just have to replace your empty pod with a new one. And in the case of an open pod kit, you t have to take the bung out of the pod kit and top it up. 

Convenient to use

One of the reasons for the popularity of vape pod kits is that they are convenient to use. Some will have a single on/off button, which you have to click a few times to start vaping.

Some are even simpler with a “manual draw” feature with which the vape can sense airflow and will only turn on when you inhale. There is no need for you to mess around with device settings.

Also, you don’t have to bring vape juice everywhere. Closed pod kits come with pre-filled vape juice and their cartridges offer a consistent vaping experience. In the case of open pod kits, you have to deal with vape juice only at the time of refilling the cartridge when it gets empty.


The initial cost of buying a vape pod kit is not that high, and it doesn’t cost you much to maintain. The only ongoing costs you have to pay are that of buying e-liquid and new vape pods.


Pod mod vape system gives you a consistent vaping experience with every puff since they are optimized for a particular kind of vape liquid and contain a vape battery capable of providing a steady wattage output. Even the open pod kits are super reliable if you use the vape liquid of the appropriate PG level.

Suits those who want to switch from smoking to vaping

Low-nicotine vape juices are not considered ideal for many heavy smokers to successfully switch from smoking to vaping. The design of vape pods is great to be used with vape juices with high nicotine. They are suitable for vape juices having a high PG level and higher PG level gives more throat which is craved by ex-smokers. Also, vape pods replicate the convenience and experience similar to that of cigarettes.


How to choose the best pod kit?

Pod kits are the latest trend among vapers and there is a wide variety of pod kits available in the market meeting everyone’s needs. As a beginner, you might wonder how you can choose the best pod kit for you as there is a wide range of options available.

The pod kit that is best for one might not suit the other. So, the best pod kit for you depends on your preference and the type of vaping experience you are looking for. To select the best pod kit for you, consider the following factors:

Shape and size:

Pod kits come in different shapes like long and skinny, square or badge-shaped, etc. You can choose the shape to get the exact feel you prefer in your hand when holding the device or in your pocket while walking. Pod kits are generally small in size so that you can easily carry them in your pocket or bag. 


Compared to the box mod kits, pod mod kits generally have a smaller tank capacity because of their small size. However, pod mod kits with different tank capacities are available in the market. If you don’t want to change or refill your pod often, then go with pod kits having higher capacity. 

Battery Life

Another important factor to consider while choosing the best pod kit is an expected battery life of a pod device. Remember that most of the pod kits come with internal batteries and you are unable to change them. So, you can’t neglect the battery life of pod kits with in-built batteries. Although pod kits have a compact size and you can’t expect high powerful batteries like in larger devices, you can choose pod kits that go longer between charges than other pod kits.


What e-liquids are the best for pod vape kits?

Certain types of e-liquids or vape juices suit pod vape kits better than others. Pod kits are devices with lower output and they suit those e-liquids that give more of a throat hit. The coil used in pod kits has a higher resistance and needs less power for heating e-liquid and turning it into vapour. So, the e-liquids that have a higher content of PG suit best for pod vape kits.

Compared to VG, PG is more watery, evaporates more easily and gives more throat hits. Closed pod kits come with e-liquids that suit them. If you have open pod kits, you can choose e-liquids that have a VG/PG ratio of 50/50 or 60/40.

If you require high nicotine content in your vape juice, you can also use nic salts as they are compatible with pod mods. Nic salts generally have a higher content of PG than VG and they provide a quick throat hit.

Now you probably know what type of vape pod kit suits you and you are clear about the benefits of purchasing a vape pod, you can visit Vapecircle to find the best pod mod vapes at an affordable cost. Our inventory is full of a huge range of genuine vape pod kits and other vaping products from top vape brands.

Vapecircle is devoted to providing the best vaping experience to our customers. If you are still not sure what type of the best pod mods kit you have to buy, then you can contact us to get recommendations from our expert team.

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